Using the techniques of Theatre Improvisation, the participants will be guided into the magical world of creativity and creating theatre.
They will receive a thorough grounding in the basic rules of Theatre Improvisation, and the development of plays, scenes and stories.
The techniques of good Theatre improvisation will be used in a playful yet serious way, as a way to entertain the actors and audience, and also to go further:  To develop scenes and stories from the player’s own imagination, discovering a fantastic world created entirely by the imagination.
Every human feeling is physically based, and every feeling provokes a reaction in the body.
Impulses lead to emotions, the emotions lead to movement… a theatrical expression is formed..
The workshop will include exercises about perception, Rhythm, Body awareness, Energy, Space, Time and Ensemble Work.

The individual imagination of the participants will be stimulated, in order to develop theatrical material.
Participants will receive a view into the inner logic of theatrical characters and will explore the structure, and narrative development of scenes, stories and plays.
Main Themes of the Workshop:

  • Imagination
  • Body
  • Voice
  • Ensemble Work
  • Inventing Scenes and Stories individually, in twos, in threes, and as a group.
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Time
  • Discovering Images and Themes
  • Working with partners


Theatre Improvisation and Creation in Theatre: A masterclass for Theatre Professionals

Release Date : 01/03/2014
Artist : Markus Zohner Arts Company