Sandro PianettiVisual artist, interaction designer

Sandro Pianetti was born in 1987 in Zug, from where he moved after a few months to Ticino. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts at ECAL in Lausanne, he followed a Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design at SUPSI in Lugano. Currently, he lives in Lugano, where he works in various fields related to art and interaction design. He has exhibited in Italian-speaking Switzerland, Zurich, and Italy as an independent visual artist. Since 2017, he has been a co-curator at the independent, non-profit art space Sonnenstube and he has collaborated as a visual support artist for the Markus Zohner Arts Company and other international artists and companies.

Sandro Pianetti

Sndro Pianetti is a member of Markus Zohner Arts Company since 2017