Luca Massaroli, attore

Apprendista stregone. Preferisce il verbo giocare al verbo recitare. Ama parlare, soprattutto se ha un microfono ad ascoltarlo. Ama anche il silenzio, quando le parole sarebbero solo d’intralcio. È convinto che gli alberi siano maestri Zen, come loro tiene la testa fra le stelle e i piedi ben piantati nella terra.

Luca was born in Como in 1991, he discovered his passion for acting and arts since he was a child and deepened his skills by attending several theatre and music courses during the high school period. After getting his diploma, he decided to make his passion a job by attending some academic courses in Milan. He joined the historical theatrical company “I Guitti” run by the Micheletti family and he started to tour across Italy playing different shows. He got experience in the broadcasting and microphone field, appreciating more and more the voice as an instrument of communication and art. Since October 2015 he lives in London, the right place for international visibility and prestige and, from March 2016 he starts working for the Markus Zohner Arts Company based in Lugano

Luca Massaroli

Artist : Attore