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Markus Zohner Arts Company (English)

Markus Zohner Arts Company devises and stages world-class theatre for all audiences.

We write, create, and produce theatre performances, cultural events, radio shows, podcasts, books and creative writing courses to share unforgettable stories with people in our community, nationally, and worldwide. We perform on stages all over the world, at schools, on the big screen, or virtually. We strive to be as inclusive and diverse as possible.

 Our artistic starting point is an interest and curiosity directed towards theatrical forms based on body theatre, strong storytelling, and precise directing. We are interested in the big themes of the human being: Love, Power, Sex, and Death, as well as the impact of conflict, so-called progress, technology, and all forms of force on the human soul.

Our shows provide a platform for, and are a stage for, the meeting of differences, whether you are an audience or a performer.
With a proud record of innovation and excellence on stage, we are determined to seize the chance to become an even more progressive, relevant, and ambitious organization.

 Our activities reach from writing to performing, from devising to directing, from teaching masterclasses for theatre professionals to creative writing workshops for authors, from podcasting in arts and science and creating radio shows to publishing books.
We devise ambitious new pieces of high-artistic quality that are the outcome of a distinct type of work and culture that has evolved and refined over many years.

We expand our presence through online interactions such as conferences, workshops, and live streaming of our shows.

We’re looking to push the performing arts into new media and merge theatre, technology, and society in a virtual environment. Furthermore, we’re exploring the potential for new methods, searching for innovative ideas to be created locally, nationally, and internationally within a framework that allows for real-time interaction and creates unique theatrical experiences.

 Have you seen our shows before, or are you meeting us for the first time? We hope you will be delighted, intrigued, challenged, and inspired!

Find us here, on our blog, on Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Vimeo. You can contact us at supernova@zohner.com, call our headquarter in Lugano / Switzerland at +41912614826 or send a text/telegram to +41796202362.

 We’re aware of the climate crisis and work hard to integrate environmental sustainability into our operations, creative work, and corporate policies to reduce our carbon impact. We take measures to avoid emissions and offset our remaining carbon footprint.

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