Zeiss Camera Lens News publishes my report about photographing the Amber Road Walk

In their newest edition, Zeiss Camera Lens News print a hands-on-review on Zeiss cameras and lenses.
Also the cover photograph (Serghei / Begunize, Russia) comes from last year’s trip from Venice to St. Petersburg.

The Swiss actor, photographer and writer Markus Zohner spent nine months hiking the historical Amber Road from Venice to St. Petersburg. His 4000-km journey took him through twelve different countries at the heart of Europe. In his luggage: Carl Zeiss cameras and lenses.
It was not an easy decision to make. But in view of the 4000-km hike across Europe that lay ahead of me, I inally decided to take a digital camera with me. Despite my passion for film, the advantages of digital camera technology were overwhelming.
Saving weight was one consideration – an important argument in an undertaking where every gram of weight, every single film reel, had to be carried thousands of kilometres. The second – no less important – was logistics: did I really want to have films sent to Breslau and then, a few hundred kilometres later, to send them to the lab from Kalisz, before finally being able…

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