Invitation to our fist important event of the year: launch of the art book Christine Zohner in Munich on January 25th, 2020

Good morning, painter of your destiny!

We would like to invite you to our first important event of the still very young year: We have produced an art book, which we’ll present in Munich in January 25th, 2020: Christine Zohner – The complete WORKS.
On 300 pages we show the complete works of over 500 paintings of the artist. The book has been printed in a limited edition of 400.

We would be delighted to welcome you at the book launch!

The book till 25 January 2020 can be preordered for the subscription price of 50,- € Euro.

We wish you a wonderful 2020, see you soon in Munich!


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…these are… Franz von Berg, my mother Christine Zohner and myself after one of the many sessions for photographing and registering all of her paintings. A beautiful book has been made, and will be presented on January 25th in Munich. If you are around, pass by! – For nearly a year, we have produced a big book, containing all of my mother’s paintings. Together with the graphic designer Edy Ceppi @donniedarko75 a book of over 500 pictures on 300 pages has been devised. It has been printed in a limited edition of 400 numbered books. The book CHRISTINE ZOHNER will be presented to the public in Munich / Germany on January 25th, 2020. For details please check at or, or call +41796202362. Until 25/01/2020 the book will be available for a reduced price of 50 €, after this date it will be available for 65,- €. The book is without text (captions in english). —- Wir möchten Dich ganz herzlich zu unserem ersten grossen Event des neuen Jahres einladen: Wir haben ein grosses Kunstbuch produziert, das wir am 25. Januar 2020 in München vorstellen werden: Christine Zohner, Malerin. Auf dreihundert Seiten zeigen wir das Gesamtwerk der Künstlerin von über 500 Gemälden. Das Buch ist bis zum 25.1.2020 vorbestellbar zum Subskriptionspreis von 50 €, danach zum Vollpreis von 65 €. Auslieferung erfolgt ab dem 27.1.2020. — Vorremmo invitarti al nostro primo grande evento del nuovo anno: abbiamo prodotto un libro d’arte che presenteremo a Monaco il 25 gennaio 2020: Christine Zohner. In trecento pagine mostriamo il lavoro completo di oltre 500 dipinti dell’artista. Il libro è stato stampato interamente in quadricromia, con una tiratura limitata di 400 esemplari numerati. Il libro può essere prenotato fino alla sua presentazione il 25 gennaio 2020 al prezzo di € 50,-, successivamente puo essere acquistato al prezzo intero di € 65,-: #christinezohner #RadioPetruska #ZohnerArts #Atheism #arts #painter #artist #artsbook #vernissage #buchvorstellung #painting #buchtaufe #ausstellung #kunstausstellung #münchen #munich #bayern #artsgallery #associazioneartisticapetruska

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Solstizio, giornate di luce!

Un mese fa, il 24 maggio 2019, la grande teatrante svizzera Vania Luraschi ha ricevuto il Premio Svizzero di Teatro in occasione della sesta edizione dell’Incontro del Teatro Svizzero. La sua vita è interamente dedicata al teatro per un pubblico giovane e alla scena teatrale indipendente in Ticino, e con la sua bravura, con il suo amore, con professionalità ed insistenza è riuscita a creare un mondo intero di teatro in Ticino.

Markus ha avuto la grande fortuna di poterla intervistare per RADIO PETRUSKA, per la serie podcast LA CREAZIONE DEL MONDO Arte | Scienza | Vita.  In questo incontro, Vania racconta la storia del teatro in Ticino, una storia che appare un po’ buia e triste, finché lei stessa, dopo i suoi viaggi e i suoi studi all’estero, nel 1977 porta a Lugano il primo festival del teatro: “La Giostra del Teatro”. Ascolta qui.
Stiamo impacchettando tutto e tutti: fra due settimane partiamo, una compagnia di dieci, per presentare RADIO FRANKENSTEIN (il 12 e il 13 luglio) al Pohoda Festival a Trenčín in Slovacchia! Per i tre giorni del festival, 30’000 persone occuperanno un vecchio aeroporto militare 120 Km all’est di Bratislava per una grande festa di musica, arti, danza e teatro. Gli spettacoli di RADIO FRANKENSTEIN presso il Pohoda Festival saranno realizzati in collaborazione con la Commissione Europea.
Stiamo aggiornando sito e social media, presto ci saranno più informazioni!
Hai già riservato il tuo posto nel nostro corso estivo di teatro? Ce ne sono ancora alcuni disponibili – non aspettare troppo!Goditi queste giornate meravigliose, a presto!

Hey there! Here we are again, with so many nice things to tell!

Hello dear friends, colleagues, theatre people, spectators, listeners and passers-by!

Quite much time has passed, since we updated you about our various projects.
So much has happened meanwhile, and we are happy to share with you some of our most important works and productions developed in the past year.

Besides performing in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe, we continued launching our new cultural Radio Station RADIO PETRUSKA, podcasting and broadcasting to the Italian speaking community all over the world, hitting the 14K mark for podcast listeners just a week ago.

We met seven scientists, archeologists and biologists for a podcasting series about evolution of man: “L’evoluzione dell’uomo – From the first Steps on Earth, to departure for Space”.

We recorded and produced the Radio Documentary “RADIO SCATENATA – Reading Proust in Prison” about our radio project with inmates of Lugano Prison, which just has been broadcast by RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana.

We produced CAPPUCCETTO INFRAROSSO („INFRARED RIDING HOOD“), a performance (for adults) about manipulation through storytelling, we collaborated with Berne Opera for staging „PAGLIACCI” by Leoncavallo, and last but not least, we wrote and devised RADIO FRANKENSTEIN, a performance for Festival RESONANCES II by Joint Research Center / Ispra of the European Commission.

We would love to tell you about all of these works and projects, but one email is just not enough for all this – so we decided to split the long story into several mails, which you’ll receive in the upcoming weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy the reading, and of course we’ll be happy and excited hearing from you!

Today we’ll tell you a bit about INFRARED RIDING HOOD (“CAPPUCCETTO INFRAROSSO“) – just scroll down a bit!

We hope to meet you (again) soon in person!
Have a wonderful winter, and relax: Christmas and all the stuff will pass, and spring will be coming again soon!…

Cheers from Southern Switzerland, we’ll be back with you shortly!

…and… Happy Easter!

Markus & Company

L’ultima avventura”, quarta parte: Ipswich a Le Touquet Articolo di Markus Zohner su AZIONE 05/2012

L’ultima avventura”, quarta parte: da Ipswich a Le Touquet Articolo di Markus Zohner su AZIONE 05/2012

Reportage dai cieli: viaggio di Markus Zohner partito su un monomotore da Locarno.
Da Locarno a Ipswich: in viaggio con un aeroplano monomotore attraverso la Svizzera, la Germania e la Francia fino in Inghilterra
Quarta parte, prima tappa del ritorno: da Ipswich a Le Touquet.

L’articolo puo essere scaricato in formato PDF attraverso questo link, o cliccando sull’imagine di sotto.

Markus Zohner Photographic Exhibition in Sopron, July 2011

Photo Exhibition “The Re-discovery of The Amber Road” in Sopron / Hungary

On saturday, July 9th, 2011, at 3pm, in Sopron / Hungary there will be the opening of a new photo exhibition by Markus Zohner: ”The Re-discovery of The Amber Road”.
The exhibition will take place in “Cultural Center Franz Liszt” in Sopron, and will last till the end of August, 2011.
Markus Zohner, together with the Mayor of Sopron, will be present at the opening on July 9th, at 3pm.

Markus Zohner Photographic Exhibition in Sopron, July 2011

Exhibition in Sopron, July 2011

During his nine months walk from Venice to St. Petersburg, Markus Zohner, in february 2009 arrived to Sopron, an important milestone on the Ancient European Amber Road. Sopron, which in roman times was called SCARBANTIA, is a beautiful town in western Hungary, close to the Austrian Border. It is rich of Cultural Heritages, and hosts wonderful historical treasures.
Here are Markus Zohner’s  notes about his visit to Sopron on February, 11th, 2010.




I had been invited to the ceremony at Shinagawa Open Galley in Tokio on April 15th, which however had to be cancelled because of the catastrophe which has struck the country.

The exhibition of the winning pictures can be seen at Canon Open Gallery (Canon S Tower 2-16-6 konan minato-ku, Tokio) till May 2nd, 2011, closes on sundays and holidays.

Here is the winning picture:


Markus Zohner: FOLLOW ME! © Copyright by Markus Zohner and PRO LITTERIS


Kosovo Actors at Lugano: The Last Supper

Got the films back form the lab!

Here are some portraits of Kosovo Actors, cast of THE LAST SUPPER, photographed in Lugano in October 2010, in occasion of the rehearsals for the performances THE LAST SUPPER during 19° Festival Internazionale di Teatro.

The original photographs are taken on medium format negative film.

Edona Reshitaj, Adriana Matoshi, Vedat Haxhiislami, Anisa Ismaili, Shkelzen Veseli, Lucía Baumgartner

Zeiss Camera Lens News publishes my report about photographing the Amber Road Walk

In their newest edition, Zeiss Camera Lens News print a hands-on-review on Zeiss cameras and lenses.
Also the cover photograph (Serghei / Begunize, Russia) comes from last year’s trip from Venice to St. Petersburg.

The Swiss actor, photographer and writer Markus Zohner spent nine months hiking the historical Amber Road from Venice to St. Petersburg. His 4000-km journey took him through twelve different countries at the heart of Europe. In his luggage: Carl Zeiss cameras and lenses.
It was not an easy decision to make. But in view of the 4000-km hike across Europe that lay ahead of me, I inally decided to take a digital camera with me. Despite my passion for film, the advantages of digital camera technology were overwhelming.
Saving weight was one consideration – an important argument in an undertaking where every gram of weight, every single film reel, had to be carried thousands of kilometres. The second – no less important – was logistics: did I really want to have films sent to Breslau and then, a few hundred kilometres later, to send them to the lab from Kalisz, before finally being able…

Find the complete edition of Zeiss Camera Lens News 01/10 here