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The Academy, launched at our Management Conference in January 2011 has started with courses to train thousands of colleagues each year, at various levels and with various areas of focus. Colleagues from Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the UK, attended the first Service Excellence course in October 2011 in Zurich. It was all about unlocking the desire and expertise to become more customer service oriented. Participants explored their behaviours and their impact on the perception of service – it is all about awareness and choices.

Service Excellence Course for ADECCO

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Service Excellence Course for ADECCO: Markus Zohner

20/05/2014 Zurich, CH Sold Out !


Time : 9:00
Venue : Hiton Airport
Contact Email :
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The design and development phase involved interviewing 136 customers from 14 different countries to include their needs, expectations and even desires in the course content. We aim to create consistency across the globe to provide our customers with a great experience. No matter which branch a client or associate makes contact with, he or she will know that it is Adecco and that the service received is the great experience he or she can expect from the world’s leading provider in HR solutions. Sessions are a blend of breakout workgroups conducted in either English, French, German, Spanish or Italian and plenary sessions with all languages groups together. In 2012, a total of 10 Service Excellence Courses will take place in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.”


Photo Dramatic Recources May 2014 Zurich Service Excellence Course ADECCO

Trainers from Dramatic Resources, May 2014, Zurich, Service Excellence Course for ADECCO





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