David Matthäus Zurbuchenactor, producer

Actor, director, and acting teacher. He has worked in almost all European countries, including Russia and Ukraine, in the Middle East and in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, then in Japan, Canada, and several countries in Central and South America. At the Paravento Theater in Locarno, of which he is a co-founder, he worked from its establishment until 2010 as an actor and executive, also at the “Universität der Künste” in Berlin. He has also participated in international seminars as a speaker. In 2012, he worked as a scenic consultant for the Opéra Baroque & United Continuo Ensemble Company in the opera Sardanapalus by Christian Ludwig Boxberg and directed Rosaly, or the Glass Girl, with music by Joe Haider, text by Rudolf Herfurtner, a sung, spoken, and danced fable with the participation of a symphony orchestra and a jazz orchestra. As an actor, he has been involved in film productions. Over the last thirty years, he has organized numerous cultural events in Switzerland and abroad. In 2013, he translated from Italian to German the Commedia dell’Arte farce by Alessandro Marchetti & Luisella Sala, “The Cases of Hunger and Love,” and staged it with the Ensemble I Confidenti in Potsdam, which premiered at the Schlosstheater Sanssouci. He regularly conducts Commedia dell’Arte workshops. In 2014, he taught acting at the University of the Arts in Berlin, where he staged the opera “Zickenkrieg und Engelsstimmen – Fashionable Theater.” Since 2011, he has been a member of the Markus Zohner Arts Company in Lugano.

David Matthäus Zurbuchen

Artists : Actor, Producer
Format : Staff