On saturday, July 9th, 2011, at 3pm, in Sopron / Hungary there will be the opening of a new photo exhibition by Markus Zohner: ”The Re-discovery of The Amber Road”.
The exhibition will take place in “Cultural Center Franz Liszt” in Sopron, and will last till the end of August, 2011.
Markus Zohner, together with the Mayor of Sopron, will be present at the opening on July 9th, at 3pm.

Markus Zohner Photographic Exhibition in Sopron, July 2011

Exhibition in Sopron, July 2011

During his nine months walk from Venice to St. Petersburg, Markus Zohner, in february 2009 arrived to Sopron, an important milestone on the Ancient European Amber Road. Sopron, which in roman times was called SCARBANTIA, is a beautiful town in western Hungary, close to the Austrian Border. It is rich of Cultural Heritages, and hosts wonderful historical treasures.
Here are Markus Zohner’s  notes about his visit to Sopron on February, 11th, 2010.

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