Where do we come from? Who are we, really? What is a human thought? What is consciousness, where does the need for creating, for inventing, for exploring come from? Why do artists paint, why do explorers go out into the wilderness, what is an actor looking for, in his art?

Some days ago a series of seven Radio Encounters “LA CREAZIONE DEL MONDO | Arte | Scienza | Vita” organized by RADIO PETRUSKA ended.
Investigating the human soul means investigating the principles of human life, of thought and of everything that makes the human being what it is.

We invited artists, actors, a world fampous explorer, a friar and Director of Swiss television to talk with us about creating, about devising, about arts, about  theatre, about a world of poor people in Switzerland and about future of TV and Radio an the era of digitalization, virtualization and interconnection.

Intervista a Maurizio Canetta a Radio Petruska

…with  Maurizio Canetta

Our first guest was Maurizio Canetta, director of RSI (Swiss Italian Public Broadcasting Company), with whomwe  talked about the future of television and of radio.
What will be the duty of public broadcasting company in a future where everybody will be able to produce, broadcast and watch content anywhere in the world and anytime he wants?

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Later in January we talked about theatre, interviewing Vania Luraschi, Cristina Castrillo and Jean-Martin Roy, tracing the history of the Theatre in Ticino and exloring theatrical creation and devising, from impulse to body, from imagination through feeling to expression in words.

Markus Zohner con Nando Snozzi

… with Nando Snozzi

Wonderful having one the most important artists from Ticino, Nando Snozzi with us. With his subtle irony, with his fantasy and sarcasm, he shared his story and his very personal ideas and thoughts related to talent, to artistic research, to creation and art.

An intense and touching discussion with Fra Martino Dotta about poverty in Ticino followed, and we had a chance to learn about his very personal project “Tavolino Magico” (“The Magic Table”) collecting food from Supermarkets to re-distribute it to people in difficulty to earn enough money for their meals.


Markus Zohner con Fra Martino Dotta a Radio Petruska

… with Fra Martino Dotta

We concluded the series of seven interviews with the famous Swiss mountaineer Romolo Nottaris. His resume includes 70 extra European expeditions, two of which above 8000 meters, the climb to the Fitz Roy in Patagonia with full crossing of Jelo Continental Nord, and the summit of Vinson in Antarctica and Mount McKinley in Alaska. He has done all his expeditions in Alpine style, a “poor” mountaineering style including climbing with no help, no use of fixed ropes, no porters, and execution of all parts of the expedition without oxygen.

Romolo Nottaris and Markus Zohner hardly could be stopped talking and discussing about travelling, about adventures, about the eternal search fro freedom and wilderness.

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