Hello dear friends, colleagues, theatre people, spectators, listeners and passers-by!

Quite much time has passed, since we updated you about our various projects.
So much has happened meanwhile, and we are happy to share with you some of our most important works and productions developed in the past year.

Besides performing in Switzerland and in the rest of Europe, we continued launching our new cultural Radio Station RADIO PETRUSKA, podcasting and broadcasting to the Italian speaking community all over the world, hitting the 14K mark for podcast listeners just a week ago.

We met seven scientists, archeologists and biologists for a podcasting series about evolution of man: “L’evoluzione dell’uomo – From the first Steps on Earth, to departure for Space”.

We recorded and produced the Radio Documentary “RADIO SCATENATA – Reading Proust in Prison” about our radio project with inmates of Lugano Prison, which just has been broadcast by RAI, Radiotelevisione Italiana.

We produced CAPPUCCETTO INFRAROSSO („INFRARED RIDING HOOD“), a performance (for adults) about manipulation through storytelling, we collaborated with Berne Opera for staging „PAGLIACCI” by Leoncavallo, and last but not least, we wrote and devised RADIO FRANKENSTEIN, a performance for Festival RESONANCES II by Joint Research Center / Ispra of the European Commission.

We would love to tell you about all of these works and projects, but one email is just not enough for all this – so we decided to split the long story into several mails, which you’ll receive in the upcoming weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy the reading, and of course we’ll be happy and excited hearing from you!

Today we’ll tell you a bit about INFRARED RIDING HOOD (“CAPPUCCETTO INFRAROSSO“) – just scroll down a bit!

We hope to meet you (again) soon in person!
Have a wonderful winter, and relax: Christmas and all the stuff will pass, and spring will be coming again soon!…

Cheers from Southern Switzerland, we’ll be back with you shortly!

…and… Happy Easter!

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