Hello dear friends, colleagues, theatre people, spectators, listeners and passers-by!

Here we are again! So much is going on in this moment, today we’ll share with you our most imminent project:

We are proud to announce that on 12th and 13th of July the Markus Zohner Arts Company will perform at the Pohoda Festival in Trenčín/Slovakia. We’ll show our new production RADIO FRANKENSTEIN at the Optimistan tent on both days. After the performances, public will have a possibility to discuss with actors, with the director and with coproducer Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, who is hosting the events.

The scenography and the equipment are ready to be shipped to Slovakia. Our staff of ten people is preparing to travel to one of the biggest music and arts festivals in Europe. Indeed, for three days there will be 30’000 people taking up the airport of Trenčín for a wonderful festival for music, arts, theatre and dance.

Come! Just let us know beforehand: availability of seats for RADIO FRANKENSTEIN is limited.
Here you can find all the information about the performance and the festival.
See you there!

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