Dropping Dropbox.
Dropbox had been a cool service. Our company relied heavily on it, all our internal and external collaborators used Dropbox to backup and exchange data. Already, after the spying by NSA and other US Agencies had become public, we had heavily hesitated to continue giving (nearly) all our private and business data into the hands of a US company. But now, with nomination of Dr. Condoleeza Rice to their Board, a person who has been deeply involved into NSA and other US Secret Services during G. W. Bush administration, we do not any longer feel like leaving our data in the hands of this company. We are cancelling our subscriptions, and will not use Dropbox any more, not as a company, and not privately. We encourage all our collaborators to shift to new Cloud Services. We seriously hope to being able to move to European companies for our needs for Cloud Storage very soon. Any inputs and suggestions are very welcome.

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